Calcium signaling in the heart: Don Bers

A conversation with Don Bers on calcium signaling and compartmentation in cardiac myocytes.

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Key words: calcium, cardiomyocytes, cardiac contractility, calcium compartmentation, arrhythmias, CaM kinase

Did Alan Hodgkin dream of calcium sparks? Eduardo Ríos

A conversation with Eduardo Ríos on post-Hodgkin thought, the voltage sensor in EC coupling, calcium sparks, and the university system in Uruguay.

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Key words: dihydropyridine receptor, ryanodine receptor, calcium sparks, cardiac muscle, skeletal muscle, calcium sparks, excitation-contraction coupling, calsequestrin

Getting from “This can’t be right” to “Of course”: Paul Greengard

A conversation with Paul Greengard on “hormonal” communication between nerve cells, the biochemical bases by which antidepressants work, and the Pearl Meister Greengard Prize for outstanding women in biomedical research.

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Key words: second messengers, protein phosphorylation, slow synaptic transmission, protein kinases, cGMP, cAMP, synapsin I, serotonin, dopamine, p11, annexin A2, SMARCA3