Jumping into the unknown: Rich Lewis

A conversation with Richard Lewis on electrical resonance in hair cells, channels and signals in T cells, papayas in the lab, and following your nose.

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Key words: calcium, T cell, Hair cell, Papain, Orai, STIM, CRAC channels

Molecular hermeneutics and unusual sorbets: Barbara Ehrlich

A conversation with Barbara Ehrlich on calcium signaling, interpreting Truth, and what’s wrong with green apple-wasabi sorbet.

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Key words: calcium, IP3 receptor, ryanodine receptor, polycystin-2, paramecium, molecular hermeneutics, taxol, lithium, NCS-1, peripheral neuropathy

In search of the unexpected: David Clapham

A conversation with David Clapham, on where scientific curiosity can take you.

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Key words: calcium, sperm, mitochondria, cilia, TRPM7, GPCRs, CRAC, noise analysis, patch clamp, channels

Investigating calcium compartmentation and dynamics: Tullio Pozzan

A conversation with Tullio Pozzan on calcium compartmentation and dynamics, and signaling between the mitochondria and the ER.

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Key words: calcium, cAMP, mitochondria, endoplamic reticulum, calcium indicators

Shedding light on the action potential: Brian Salzberg

A conversation with Brian Salzberg on using optical methods to measure membrane voltage, calcium, and neuropeptide secretion.

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Key Words: Potentiometric dyes; voltage-sensitive dyes;  arsenazo III, merocyanine-540, posterior pituitary, neurohypophysis, exocytosis, birefringence, secretion, chlorophyll, phototoxicity; squid

Peering Into the Black Box: Bertil Hille

A conversation with Bertil Hille, who has devoted many years to investigating ion channel regulation, and permeability mechanisms.

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Key Words:  Ion channel, permeability, frog, nerve, muscle, GPCRs, local anesthetics

Taking a thermodynamic approach: Baron Chanda

A conversation with Baron Chanda, winner of the 2013 Paul F. Cranefield Award

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Key Words:  Ion channel, gating, voltage-clamp fluorimetry, thermodynamics, allosteric linkage