A well-channeled journey from heart to brain: Dick Tsien

A conversation with Dick Tsien on moving from cardiac physiology to LTP in a half-dozen years, conformational signaling by channels, and being a physiologist in the UK when Hodgkin, Huxley, and Katz were all doing experiments

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Key words: cardiac physiology, neuroscience, LTP, calcium channels, N-type channels, Denis Noble, Alan Hodgkin

Friends of Physiology: Clay Armstrong and Clara Franzini Armstrong

A conversation with Clay Armstrong, who has devoted many years to investigating ion channel permeability mechanisms and gating processes, and Clara Franzini Armstrong, who has spent many years investigating the structural bases of excitation–contraction coupling.

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Key words: Ion channel, gating, neuroscience, squid, TEA, muscle, excitation-contraction coupling, electron microscopy